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Telemarketing Registration

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Telemarketing Registration

Telemarketing Registration

A telemarketer is a person or a company that does actions that could be considered commercial communication. Commercial communication refers to communication that is of a business nature. A communication in which the messages are directed toward a goal that may involve some, all, or none of the following:

  1. Educating the public about business transactions
  2. Asking about a business transaction
  3. A particular type of business is being promoted.

However, a TRAI Telemarketing License is required in order to be recognised as a telemarketer and run a telemarketing business. The proper application must be submitted to the TRAI in order to receive this licence (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). The difference only becomes apparent when the application has been submitted correctly and the required documents have been received on time.

However, even after you have submitted the application, a lot of factors will determine whether or not you will receive the telemarketing licence. In order to ensure that you are helped before, during, and after the telemarketing application has been filed, you need support.

Advantages  of Telemarketing Registration:

You will be able provide a more interactive ad personal sale service
You will be able explain the issues in a more concise manner
Lead generation will increase
Distance sales is now more pronounced
Customer acquisition will be a lot more pronounced
Achieving measurable results
Required documents

1. PAN number of the company
2. TAN number of the company
3. ROC Number
4. Address of the registered office
5. Address proof of the Corporate Office
6. Turnover during the last financial year
7. Any utility bills
8. Contact information: Landline number
9. Contact information: Mail ID
10. Contact information of the authorized signatory.


Any person involved in telemarketing activities has to mandatorily apply for telemarketing registration before calling into or from those states

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