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Resident Welfare Association (RWA) Registration

Resident Welfare Association (RWA) Registration

According to the Income Tax Law, Resident Welfare Associations are classed as Associations of Persons (AOP). A Resident Welfare Association (RWA) is an organization that defends the rights of people who live in a neighborhood or a society. The association is in responsible of managing day-to-day issues for residents, planning events, maintaining facilities in flats and buildings, and acting as a representative for members when necessary on local issues.

A group of resident owners could formally draught the RWA Registration. Each state has its own set of registration requirements. The Jurisdictional Registrar Office would accept applications from at least 7 people in the state for RWA registration In numerous states, Builder Apartment or Group housing society covered under state Apartment Act and therein Apartment Owners Association (AOA) Resident could be formed. Also, in different cases, RWA can be formed as well.

Advantages  of RWA registration:

Representation at Consumer Forums
Legal Recognitions
Establish Creditability
Bank Operation
Safeguard against leader or Individual Buyer
Avoid defamation cases on Individual
Maintenance Handover to RWA
Better take care of society
Required documents How we process

1. A Xerox copy of memorandum of association
2. A Xerox copy of rules and regulations document
3. Affidavit Number 1 pertaining to the ownership and a No objection certificate for the Registered Office in the society.
4. Affidavit No 2 for desirous persons that are not related to each other
5. Name of the society
6. Residential proofs of all desirous persons
7. Identity proofs of all desirous persons
8. Ownership proof the registered office of the society
9. IF proof of the owner of that registered office
10. A fully completed application of the housing welfare association registration.

The process for RWA registration is:-

1. Prepare Documents - Prepare all the required documents according to rules of State Society Registration Act, State Apartment Act or Society Registration Act 1860 as the case applicable in the respective state along with guidelines issued through Registrar.
2. Draft Bye-Laws - Prepare a Bye-Law according to Model Bye-Laws asset in the Applicable Act in the state of registration.
3. File Application with Documents - File application alongside necessary documents and Bye-Laws with jurisdictional Registrar.
4. Filing procedure is partly Online in a few states; otherwise, the whole process is offline and need to visit Registrar Office.
5. Pay fee - Make the payment of Government fees by Online/Cash/any other mode as the Registering authority accepts.
6. Registration Certificate - Once the name and Bye-Laws approved, the Registrar issues Registration Certificate. This entire procedure takes at least 25 to 90 days by the Registrar in the normal course.


Our Professionals possess deep exposure in RWA/Buyers Association formation. We help you smoothly form your association.

In the normal course takes 25 to 90 days.

Seven or more persons could subscribe their names to a Memorandum of Association and could file it with the Registrar of Societies to form themselves into a Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

The memorandum is the charter of the society. It contain the:
# Name of the Society
# The objects of the Society
# The names, addresses and occupation of the members of the governing body
# The place of the registered office of the Society
The memorandum also contains the names, addresses and full signatures of the seven and more persons subscribing their name to the memorandum of association.

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