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A will is legal declaration of one’s wishes regarding the distribution of one’s property or estate especially after the death of the person. A will allows to direct how one’s belongings-such as bank balances, property, or prized possessions—should be distributed.

Elements of a will –

List of assets
Division of assets
Storing the will
Documents Required Why Legal Door ?
  • The maker of the will must make a personal visit to the sub-office registrar's office with two passport-size photos.
  • An MD or MBBS-educated physician attesting to the testator's mental fitness
  • an actual, signed will
  • There must be two additional witnesses, each presenting two pictures.
  • A picture of the testator who signed the will
  • Proof of the two witnesses' addresses and identities
  • Documentation containing the address of the will maker
  • The maker of the will and the two witnesses are shown on a pan card.

The distribution of a person's property after death is a crucial occasion. It is customary for heirs to assemble to hear the last will and testament of a recently departed family member. Consequently, a will must be explicit. A grieving family may experience significant legal and financial difficulties as a result of a vague or non-specific will. It is crucial that the property be distributed in accordance with the testator's desires and preferences. A will that is written badly may frequently be abused. This is why you should obtain legal advice from professionals who can appropriately draught your desires.


The will must be in writing, signed by the testator or by someone else in testator’s presence. It must also be signed by at least two witnesses. The will must be notarized to be legal

Yes, a will applied online can be legitimate but it should adhere to the state and federal laws.

A will can be challenged by a person’s heirs if they are not satisfied with the shares allotted to them. The common grounds for challenge are that the testator was not of a sound mind at the time of writing the will.

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