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Succession Certificate

Succession Certificate

A succession certificate is used to grant authority to the heirs over the debts, securities and other assets of the deceased. Succession certificate is a document issued by a competent court certifying a rightful person to be the successor of a deceased person. The certificate provides indemnity to all persons owing such debts or liable on such securities with regards to a person to whom a certificate as granted.

Documents Required Why Legal Door ?
  • An affidavit of self-undertaking
  • The applicant's identification must be verified
  • Address proof of each lawful heir's
  • Proof of each legitimate heir's birthdate
  • A copy of the dead person's death certificate
  • Death certificate for the direct legal heir who passed away

Proof of the deceased's residence.

Regarding Succession certificates, Legal Door offers the top legal staff. Our attorneys will finish the application for a succession certificate after they have gathered all the required documentation. If the district court is satisfied with the petition's preparation, a chance will be given for the individual who, in the district judge's opinion, should be heard. The judge will make a decision regarding whether or not to award the petitioner the succession certificate after hearing from all parties. The judge would then decide whether to approve the certificate after that. Our experienced attorneys will be there for you throughout this procedure!


  • The time of the death of the deceased.
  • The complete address of the deceased at such time of death.
  • The details of the property of the deceased.
  • The family or other near relatives of the person deceased with their respective residences.
  • The rights of the petitioner.

A succession certificate is issued by the district judge of the relevant jurisdiction. A petition needs to be submitted in the court for the same.

The process of obtaining succession certificate may take 5-7 months.

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