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Cheque Bounce Matters

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Cheque Bounce Matters in Gaur City

The Negotiable Instruments Act, of 1881, Section 138, governs cases involving returned cheques. When a bank doesn’t honour a payment, a cheque bounces. A cheque is said to have been dishonoured or bounced when the bank returns it unpaid. Wrong signatures, mismatched numbers on the cheque (both in words and figures), and overwriting are a few of the causes. These are minor problems that can be resolved without the involvement of the court. When a cheque bounces because there aren’t enough money in the drawer’s account, it’s a big deal.

There are two choices available to you if a check you received bounces. After sending the person a demand notice and waiting 15 days for a response, you can finally take legal action by submitting a complaint to the court.

Additionally, since a case for a bounced check is time-bound, the receiver of the cheque may not have any recourse if no action is taken against the defaulter by the receiver within the allotted period.

Legal Action for Cheque Bounce Case

In India, the Negotiable Instruments Act’s Section 138 defines cheque bounce as a crime. Therefore, if a complaint is made in court, the defaulter may be sentenced to two years in prison and/or a fine that is up to twice the amount of the cheque, depending on the circumstances.

In some circumstances, the court may impose a fine for a cheque bounce case; often, this happens when the court deems the infringement to be egregious.


Required Documents Why Legal Door ?

In order to file a complaint against a party in a matter involving a returned cheque, you must submit an application form and the accompanying supporting documentation:

The original cheque

Memo of returning cheque that would include the bank's explanation for not paying

Copies of the original receipts and the demand notice.

An affidavit that lists proof.

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In most situations, you must hold off for 15 days before submitting a court complaint. As previously said, make sure you send all required documentation.

Yes, you must provide the court with supporting documentation in addition to the complaint letter. The court must receive all supporting documentation in its original format, including the Cheque Return Memo, the original bounced cheque, a copy of the notice delivered with the acknowledgement receipts, and an affidavit establishing the proof.

The case will expire if you don’t register a complaint within the allotted 30 days. The court might give you an extension, though, depending on the situation.

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