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Industrial Dispute

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Industrial Dispute

Industrial Dispute

Industrial dispute refers to the disputes of difference between workmen and employers or between workmen and workmen which is connected with employment or non-employment or with the conditions of labour. It is governed by the Industrial Disputes Act 1947.  The conflict arises between the worker and the employer if the requirements of the employee are not being fulfilled properly.

Causes of Industrial Disputes :

  1. Authoritarian leadership.
  2. Clash of personalities.
  3. Demand by workers for self-respect and recognition.
  4. Unfair conditions and practices.
  5. Non-recognition of labour union by the management.
  6. Working conditions.
  7. Disputes on promotion, layoff, retrenchment and dismissal etc.

Results of Industrial Disputes:

  • Strike
  • Boycott
  • Go Slow Tactics
  • Lockout

The industrial disputes can be settled if timely steps are taken by the management. The disputes can be prevented and settled if there is equitable arrangement and adjustment between management and workers.

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