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Copyright a Book

Copyright a Book

As soon as the author composes the manuscript, he possesses the copyright to it. There is however always a requirement for written registration. Today, copyrighting a book is essential. With the proliferation of bookstores and the dominance of online retailers, copyright prevents bookstores, both online and offline, from purchasing and disseminating copies of a book. Different books have different copyright guidelines; for a book founded solely on facts, copyright follows a narrow spectrum, whereas for a novel, copyright extends over a broader frame and encompasses nearly everything in the book. However, if you understand how to copyright a book, you’ll realize that copyright registration is not a particularly challenging endeavor.

Copyright prevents duplication, but it does not guarantee any law by which you can prevent concurrent creation of your work. To avoid this situation, an author should always register his work as soon as he conceives the idea and sets foot on the ground. Once a book is registered, it is essentially a notification to the world that this is your work and that republishing it in whole or in part requires your permission. On the other hand, if an author fails to register a book, he may later struggle to prove that the plagiarized book is his work and that the person who plagiarized it had access to it before it was published.

Documents Required?

1. NOC of the Author
2. NOC of the Publisher
3. 2 Copies of Work

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