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Trademark Assignment

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Trademark Assignment

Trademark Assignment

As with any other asset, a trademark owner has the right to sell, license, or transfer the intellectual property he or she possesses. This can be accomplished through a Trademark Assignment Agreement or a License.

When a trademark is assigned, the proprietorship of the registered brand changes. However, when it is licensed, the trademark rights remain with the original owner and only a few restricted rights are granted to the licensee. This transfer may occur with or without the transmission of the business’s goodwill. In the case of a registered Trademark, the transfer must be recorded in the Trademark Register.

Benefits of Trademark Assignment : 

Get your trademark's value
Assignment Agreement is Valid Proof
Pre-established brand name
Expansion of business
Documents Required? What we do?

1. TM Certificate
2. Details of the Party
3. No Objection Certificate (NOC)

DAY 1-2 - Collection

  • Discussion and collection of basic Information
  • Provide required documents
  • Finalize the terms and conditions
  • Finalize the type of agreement
    DAY 3-5 - Execution
  • Drafting of Documents by Professionals
  • Drafting of Trademark Assignment Agreement
    Day 6-7 - Submission
  • Filing of online TM-P application


Assignor and Assignee are the parties to the trademark assignment agreement in India, also known as the Trademark Assignment Document. After the Trademark Agreement has been properly executed, a trademark assignment procedure must be followed online. With the assistance of a registered Trademark Attorney and the payment of the prescribed fee, this application is submitted to the Registry on the prescribed form and with the payment of the prescribed fee.

Like any other asset, trademarks may be transferred from one owner to another. Such transfers may occur through assignment, merger, or consolidation between two entities. Yes, it is possible to transfer an unregistered trademark, with or without goodwill, by filing an application with the registry.

It takes about six to ten months from filing an application for trademark assignment to getting the certificate of approval from the Registrar of Trademarks.

A registered trademark is valid up to ten years, after which it may be extended by way of renewal process.