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Trustworthy Property Registry Advocate in Gaur City

A property registration protects from the risk of fraud and ensures there is 100% transparency between the buyer and the seller.

What is Property Registration?

So you’ve found the place you want to buy or found a buyer for your property, so you get an agreement prepared. There is no underestimating this document, given the large sums involved in property deals. This agreement will cover comprehensively the terms on which the sale will take place, the conditions, and the date on which the sale will be completed.

Need to Reputed Property Registry Advocate in Gaur City

Property registration refers to the recording of the property document details in the Registrar’s office and preserving the original documents with the Registering officer. To ensure the conservation of the evidence, assurance of title, publicity of documents, and prevention of fraud, some documents are obligatorily registered. It is very important that each document has to be presented at the registrar’s office by the concerned person itself or the authorized person followed by a witness and the implied registration fee.

What’s Included

a) Introduction call. A 15-minute phone call to know your advocate and talk about how you will work together.

b) Checklist of list of documents required will be shared.

c) Verification of your documents.

d) Drafting and Handling the required paperwork.

e) Registration of property at the Registrar\Sub-registrar’s office.

What’s Not Included

a) Court Fees and Stamp duty as applicable shall be payable extra.

b) Any additional work done by the advocate after obtaining registration of property.

c) For most people, this service covers their complete registration. But if something unexpected happens and your case requires additional work you can talk to the advocate about hiring them for that extra work.

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Without registration, a buyer has no legal right over the property so, one cannot sell it to anyone under the Transfer of Property Rights Act.

It takes nearly two weeks for the registration process to be completed.

Property documents require registration within four months from the date of execution (signature).

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