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ISO 10012: 2003 Certification

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ISO-10012:2003 Certification

ISO-10012:2003 Certification

ISO 10012:2003 provides generic requirements and guidance for the administration of measurement processes and metrological confirmation of measuring equipment used to support and demonstrate compliance with metrological requirements. It specifies the quality management requirements of a measurement management system that an organization performing measurements as part of its overall management system can use to ensure metrological requirements are met.

ISO 10012:2003 is not intended to be used to demonstrate conformance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or any other standard. Participants can agree to use ISO 10012:2003 to satisfy measurement management system requirements for certification activities. Other standards and guidelines exist for specific elements influencing measurement results, such as the particulars of measurement methods, personnel competency, and inter laboratory comparisons.

Benefits of ISO-10012:2003 Certification : 

It ensures that the measurement management systems' quality is up to par
This certification makes it simpler for you to obtain additional certifications
The ISO 10012 standard is more of a guide than an actual certification. In this regard.
The certification assists you in obtaining your customers' confidence in your measuring equipment.
It provides a quantitative evaluation of measurement management system quality.

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