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Auditor Appointment Letter

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Auditor Appointment Letter

Auditor Appointment Letter

An auditor is a person qualified to examine financial documents, confirm their accuracy, and make sure businesses are following tax regulations. An auditor’s primary responsibility is to assess whether financial statements adhere to generally accepted accounting rules. Within 180 days of the first of April, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India appoints the auditor.

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The auditor also assesses that Indian tax laws are being followed. It might be challenging to manage a company while adhering to legal requirements for the appointment or departure of the auditor. In this situation, getting advice from experts like Legal Door is really beneficial.


The provisions of the Companies Act, accounting standards, and auditing standards are all taken into consideration while the auditor produces the report. Additionally, he presents the report to the entire firm at the AGM.

An Auditor of the Company is an independent person engaged by the Company for the purpose of expressing an opinion on whether the financial statements prepared by the company are free of material misstatements, fraud or error and in line with the Accounting Standards.

An auditor can be appointed for a maximum of 5 years till the conclusion of 6th annual general meeting.

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