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Rent/ Lease Agreement

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Rent / Lease Agreement

Rent / Lease Agreement

A rent agreement is a written legal document signed between a landlord i.e. owner and a tenant to initiate a tenancy. It mentions all the personal details of both the parties and the terms and conditions of the tenancy.  The rental agreement serves a guidebook which safeguards the interests of both the parties to avoid future legal disputes.

A rent agreement must include:

Address and details of rental property.
Term of tenant’s occupancy.
The fixed rent amount and security deposit.
Name and address of occupants.
Rules of tenancy.
Maintenance and repairs.


 A rent agreement is drafted for 11 months

Yes, an online rent agreement can be registered. The rent agreement should either be printed on stamp paper or it must have an e-stamp affixed at the front page

Two types of rental agreement are –

  • Long term agreement
  • Short term agreement

Usually, the registration process takes 2-4 working days, but it also depends on the appointment as well as status of application.

The difference lies in the time frame. A rent agreement is drafted for shorter period of time while lease agreement is drafted for longer period of time.