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Literature/Dramatic Copyright

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Literature/ Dramatic Copyright

Literature/ Dramatic Copyright

Copyright protects original literary works. Any work by the author must be original at every level and not adapted or copied. Moving on, if two people have produced similar works in a particular field, the copyright will be given to both of them for their works. In recent times, when the internet is flooded with information and it is easier to access various works, the original works literary works are protected by the act. Else, in the name of research, authors seeking easier route tend to plagiarise. It is this act which discourages them from doing so and rewards the original work by protecting them at every level.

On the other hand, dramatic copyright protects original dramatic work and in some cases its adaptations also. The act also endeavours to protect recitations, choreography and entertainment shows. However, it must be noted that cinematograph films do not come under the ambit of this act.

Documents Required?

1. 2 copies of work.
2. DD or IPO as per applicable rate.
3. NOC from various copyright holders or copy of agreement (deed of assignment).
4. If work published and publisher is different from applicant, NOC from publisher

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